Study: Audio Game

[Notice: We are no longer recruting participants for this study]

We are runnining a series of studies to evaluate an audio game that you can play on a tablet computer or a mobile device. The game is like a music puzzle, it involves listening to a sequence of musical tones and reproducing them using a sequence of tapping.

We would like to invite you to help us evaluate this game concept by taking part in one of the evaluation sessions, which last between 45mins and 1hour. Evaluation sessions are held at Queen Mary University of London. You will receive £10 for your participation. An evaluation session involves training you on how to play the game (it's very simple!) then playing different versions of the game and filling some questionnaires to give us your feedback about each version.

If you choose to participate, please check the calendar below for available slots, these are allocated on a first come first served basis. One slot per person. You can only take part once. Sessions that are already booked are marked as "NOT AVAILABLE". Please send an email to indicating which slot you would like to book.