Screen shot of Shapetones game on a smartphone

ShapeTones is an audiovisual memory game for iOS (iPhone/iPad). A sequence of 3 shapes and tones (“ShapeTones”) is played, and the player tries to reproduce it. Tapping different areas of the screen trigger different ShapeTones. The game starts with 3 ShapeTones. As the game evolves, more ShapeTones become available. When a new ShapeTone is added, a trial screen is shown to demonstrate where each ShapeTone is triggered. Some surprises happen along the way. As a one player game, the sequence is created automatically. As a two player game, one player creates the sequence, passes the device to the other player, who tries to repeat it. They then swap the roles.

ShapeTones is an accessible game – it can be played by anyone, including players with hearing or visual impairments. ShapeTones is being finalized at the moment, and will be released soon in the App Store.

ShapeTones is jointly developed in collaboration with Nuno Correia from Goldsmiths, University of London (part of Enabling AVUIs research project, funded by Marie Curie EU fellowship).

For more info and to download the game for free visit the ShapeTones website